acnelan pack


Professional medical method for the intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skins. Thoroughly removes impurities from skin pores and improves touch.

acnelan pack

Professional treatment of acne-prone skin 


Professional medical method for the intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skins. Thoroughly removes impurities from skin pores and improves touch.

3 Acnelan acne multifactor mask 10ml
1 Post-peel neutralizing spray 50ml
3 Pore sealing shield 3ml

Acne vulgaris is due to an excess of androgens which promotes an increase in keratinization and follicular scaling but also the secretion of sebum. This will cause the skin pore to become blocked and subsequently inflamed by the opportunistic action of the bacterial flora present on the skin, leading to characteristic acne lesions in the form of comedones, papules, pustules and residual hyperpigmentations.


  1. Inhibition of 5-α-reductase
  2. Clogging of the pilosebaceous canal
  3. Decreased sebum production
  4. Control of bacterial proliferation
  5. Reduction of redness and epidermal swelling
  6. Attenuation of postacneic hyperpigmentations

Optional preliminary session
1. Cleaning:
Moisten the areas to be treated and apply 2 doses of purifying foam using a light massage.
Remove the product with a damp cloth.
To protect sensitive areas, delimit the treatment area with mesolips protector.

2. Intensive treatment:
Shake the content of acnelan multifactor mask with the shaker included in the pack until the suspension is homogenized and apply to the area to be treated using a spatula.
Leave on for 3 minutes maximum on the skin.
Once the exposure time has elapsed, remove the mask by repeatedly passing very wet wipes over the face.
Neutralize the treated area by spraying the neutralizing spray post-peel.
Dry with an absorbent wipe.
Apply the content of a single dose of the pore sealing shield gel directly to the treated area. Distribute evenly, massaging gently.

Given the composition and characteristics of acnelan multifactor mask, it is recommended not to exceed an exposure time of 3 minutes, controlling for the appearance of any undesirable effects such as excessive skin irritation which could lead to frosting process.

post-peel crystal fiber mask (face): Hydrating mask which brings suppleness to the skin, after an exfoliating and descaling treatment.
anti-stress face mask (other areas): Mask with calming and restorative properties of the hydrolipidic film.

3. Protection:
Finish the treatment by applying the dermatological sun protection SPF50 +. Indispensable for all types of exfoliating treatments.

Within 48 hours of the treatment session, the patient should avoid any direct and excessive exposure to natural or artificial light, heat sources, saunas or swimming pools.

4. Home maintenance:
Professional treatment is divided into 3 sessions (assess the possibility of performing 3 additional sessions in case of rebellious acne) with an interval of 15 to 21 days between two sessions. To maximize the results of professional treatment, it is essential to carry out complementary treatment at home between two sessions.

From the 3rd day of each session, clean, treat and protect:

Clean with purifying mouse
Treat with acne one
Protect with dermatological sun protection SPF50 +
In addition to the daily routine, do the following:

Weekly strengthening with pure renewing mask
Focal treatment with imperfection control

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