melan tran3x


Multidimensional depigmentation program for unique effect results.With tranexamic acid, and active ingredients that provides a perfect balance between efficacy and tolerance.

Tranexamic acid

3 synergistic dimensions

Its innovative mechanism of action acts on keratinocytes4 (fig. 1), inhibiting the release of melanocyte stimulating agents and factors triggering the inflammatory and vascular process: prostaglandins (PG)5-8 and endothelin-1 (ET-1)9-11.

  1. Vascularisation: It reduces the excessive vascularisation that characterises some recurrent hyperpigmentations, such as melasma..
  2. Inflammation: It acts on the inflammatory process that occurs after external aggressions, skin lesions (acne, scars) or medical-cosmetic treatments, such as laser or photodepilation.
  3. Pigmentation: It regulates effectively the melanogenesis process by reducing the amount and activity of tyrosinase, avoiding proliferation of melanocytes
    and reducing their dendricity.
Modular program

tran3x is an innovative, modular program that combines several treatment categories for a flexible, integral depigmentation action that allows to act on hyperpigmentation at several depths. Minimally invasive.

It allows combining different methods to modulate depigmenting intensity.

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